UCAR Strategic Plan 2019-2028

The UCAR Strategic Plan for the next 10 years, 2019–2028, is currently in development, under the leadership of Lory Wingate, senior vice president and chief operating officer. This plan will inform NCAR and UCP strategic direction (The NCAR Strategic Plan is in development through December 2019).

Aligned to the plan is an initiative that will develop the design for efficiently capturing and using measurements across the organization both for management decision-making and for demonstrating our effectiveness and reach throughout the science community. Both of these UCAR activities are being developed in collaboration with a representative group of stakeholders.

The draft UCAR Strategic Plan has been reviewed by the Board of Trustees and is now ready to be reviewed and commented on by UCAR staff. The final UCAR Strategic Plan will be approved by the BoT in June.

Feedback from staff

Please use this Google Form to provide your feedback by March 31st.


Earth System Science for a Better World


Leading World-class Earth System Science through Partnership, innovation, and Service

Guiding values

  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Inclusivity
  • Integrity


  1. Provide exemplary management of NCAR and UCP.
  2. Be an advocate, convener, and enabler of the community to advance scientific breakthroughs that solve complex ESS* problems.
  3. Be a protector of lives and property and supporter of economic development and national security through transition of ESS research to operations and applications.
  4. Be employer of choice in ESS by promoting a welcoming, innovative, and inclusive culture that maximizes the talent, skills, and diversity within the broad ESS community.
  5. Be a champion and extender of ESS education and outreach.


*ESS: Earth system science