UCAR Innovation Council


To advise the UCAR President on how we can make progress as an organization in recognizing, promoting, rewarding, and incentivizing innovation. For this purpose, innovation should be interpreted to mean moving from applied research to development of applications, tech transfer, commercialization, working with the private sector, or tangible near-term societal benefit/broader impacts.

Council Members

For more information, please reach out to a council member.

ACOM - Rebecca Buchholz - buchholz@ucar.edu

 Rebecca Buchholz

ASP - Hannah Christensen - hannahc@ucar.edu

 Hannah Christensen

CGD - Jadwiga (Yaga) Richter - jrichter@ucar.edu

 Yaga Richter

COMET - Gary Pacheco - gpacheco@ucar.edu

 Gary Pacheco

COSMIC - Maggie Sleziak - maggie@ucar.edu

 Maggie Sleziak

EOL - Matt Hayman - mhayman@ucar.edu

 Matt Hayman

HAO - Alfred de Wijn - dwijn@ucar.edu

 Alfred de Wijn

MMM - Mari Tye - maritye@ucar.edu

 Mari Tye

RAL - Rajesh Kumar - rkumar@ucar.edu

 Rajesh Kumar

Unidata - Ryan May - rmay@ucar.edu

 Ryan May