UCAR President's Strategic Initiative Fund

The President's Strategic Initiative Fund provides resources to advance the organization’s strategic objectives in four areas: scientific research, scientific leadership, administrative opportunity, and assistance for charitable foundation and NGO proposals.

The submission period for the next round of PSIF proposals is October 2 through December 18, 2020.

FY21 PSIF Program Updates

All projects should focus on developing strategic value to the organization through new and collaborative efforts. These awards are not meant to address gaps in funding for regular ongoing work. All proposals should be explicit as to why funding should be considered to be a strategic investment. For example, proposers should explain in detail why such an investment can be realistically expected to lead to future funding, transforms the current way of working, or develops a capability that will support NCAR/UCAR’s strategic goals. 

Note that the administrative opportunity covers all proposals that fall outside the scientific research category. This could include proposals addressing strategic efforts to improve diversity, outreach and education, research or business support services, or technological or administrative process innovations. Occasionally projects fall between the scientific and administrative categories so all incoming projects are carefully reviewed to ensure they are designated correctly.

Examples of successful strategic proposals can be fournd here.  

Scientific Research Award

This award provides seed funding for promising interdisciplinary scientific research across the whole of the organization. Awards are made to incentivize transformational science across NCAR, UCP, and/or with UCAR Member Institutions. Successful proposals will outline new activities that support the organization's strategic plans and are likely to lead to future external funding. Award funds may not be used to supplement an existing activity.

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Scientific & Engineering Leadership Fellowship

This fellowship is a competitive opportunity for NCAR/UCP scientists and engineers to join the UCAR President’s Office for up to 12 months at 50% time. This annual rotating position is designed to advance the careers of our scientific and engineering staff by developing high-level leadership and management skills through training, observation, and hands-on experience. Specific projects will be tailored to each fellow. The fellowship offers an opportunity for fellows to develop and enhance existing skill sets in a range of management areas.

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Administrative Opportunity Award

This award supports development of next-generation processes and partnerships by providing resources to jump-start new ways of thinking within the organization in areas such as employee development, innovative solutions to business challenges, education and outreach, and activities that support the organization's strategic direction and will build organizational capacity for administrative excellence.

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Assistance for Charitable Foundations and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Proposals

This award helps encourage proposals to charitable foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) by covering overhead charges deemed unallowable under foundation proposal submission rules.  

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2020 Cohort - $406,350 Awarded

Scientific Research Award

Physics and Connectitivity Informing Reef Conservation: and interdisciplinary study of coastal oceanography of the eastern tropical Pacific

Proposal team: Scott Bachman (CGD), Joan Kleypas (CGD), Frank Bryan (CGD), Falko Judt (MMM), Callum Shakespeare (Australian National Univ.), Deepak Cherian (CGD), Melissa Moulton (CGD), Frederic Castruccio (CGD), Rodney Eduardo Mora Escalante (Univ. Costa Rica), Pablo Ureña Mora (Univ. Costa Rica)

Administrative Opportunity Fund


Prooposal team: Kristen Aponte, Carolyn Brinkworth (ODEI), AJ Lauer (CISL), Virginia Do (CISL), Julie Malmberg (GLOBE), Josh Young (UNIDATA), Jeremiah Sjoberg (COSMIC), Matt Herring (FMSS)

Building UCAR Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Capacity for Engaging Communities

Proposal team: Bryan Guarente (COMET), Tsvet Ross-Lazarov (COMET), Ward Fisher (Unidata), Jonathan Vigh (RAL), Liz Page (COMET), Tim Sheitlin (CISL), Nihanth Cherukuru (CISL), Matt Rehme (CISL), Wendy Gram (COMET), Lorrie Alberta (COMET), Steve Deyo (COMET), Gary Pacheco (COMET)

Scientific and Engineering Leadership Fellowship

Cindy L. Bruyère - Director NCAR’s Capacity Center for Climate and Weather Extremes (C3WE/MMM), Research Fellow at the North-West University, South Africa will join the UCAR President’s Office for a portion of her time in starting in October 2020. In addition to her one-year rotation within the senior leadership team, Cindy will focus on a project to pilot a new model for developing private/public partnerships at UCAR/NCAR.

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