List of Course Offerings

The trainings listed below are resources for all staff at UCAR and NCAR and can support staff in developing a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture in their Labs, Departments, and Programs and throughout the organization. Course registration information and point of contact is noted under each course description.

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ODEI Team Trainings

Bystander Intervention/Difficult Conversations

Do you avoid difficult conversations because you're not sure how to have them or are worried they may backfire? Do you struggle to intervene when you see a difficult situation in action?

In this course, we discuss the barriers that prevent us from intervening in difficult situations. You will learn skills and techniques to intervene in difficult workplace situations. We provide you with a model for difficult conversations and you can practice effective ways to have these conversations with supervisors, peers, and direct reports. No prior experience is needed for this stand-alone session. We welcome people from all job categories and levels of the organization. You can register on Workday when the course is open or contact Katy Putsavage for more information.


UNEION 101 is a prerequisite for the Coaching for Social Justice Program and UNEION 201.

UNEION 101 is the introductory course in the UNEION (UCAR|NCAR Equity and Inclusion) training series and focuses on developing a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion topics. The training examines four topics: (1) Our Place in Society, (2) Gender, (3) Race, (4) Putting It Into Practice. You can learn more about these topics on the UNEION 101 website. The training is a cohort experience, with close relationships built across the organization, and uses deep, personal reflection as part of the learning experience. Please contact Kristen Aponte if you have quesitons or are interested in registering.


UNEION 201 is the follow up training series to UNEION 101. UNEION 201 is a four-part training that explores race and racism in the U.S. The 201 sessions were created with the help of an external trainer who continues to serve as a facilitator. Focus is given to understanding race and racism as well as generating action plans in work and personal life. This training is only open to past participants of UNEION 101.

Coaching for Social Justice

Coaching is the skill of using impactful questions to inspire deeper thought, visioning, and change. When applied to situations of social (in)justice, coaching questions can be used as a tool for intervention and upstanding. They can also facilitate the introspection necessary to become a better ally through inspection of personal biases and perspectives on social justice. In this full-day workshop you will learn basic coaching techniques and apply them to diversity and inclusion topics, with the goal of becoming better prepared to stand up against microaggressions and other challenging situations. This training is open to individuals who have completed all four sessions of UNEION 101. For registration and more informaiton, please contact AJ Lauer.

LEAD Team Trainings

If you have questions about Supervisor Orientation or Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD), please contact a member of the LEAD Team: Mary Helen Matthews (Office of General Council), Carolyn Brinkworth, Kristen Aponte, Katy Putsavage (Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), Sue Brundege, Toni Wallace, Devon Duncan (Human Resources).

Supervisor Orientation

Supervisor Orientation is designed to give supervisors a high-level understanding of their role and responsibilities in our organizaiton. This orientation is required for all new supervisors within one year of assuming their supervisor role. Supervisor Orientation is highly recommended for current supervisors or anyone interested in exploring advancement to a supervisory role.

The training hightlights the responsibilities and legal duties of supervisors and applies these to real-world scenarios. The course focuses on issue-spotting and how to address legal situations through the life cycle of an employee (hiring, performance management, end of employment). We tell you what you need to know as a supervisor about harassment, discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, wage and hour laws, workplace safety, and much more. You can register on Workday when the course is open for enrollment or contact Devon Duncan.

Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD)

Leadership Exploration and Devleopment (LEAD) is a program that provides supervisors with fundamental concepts, tools and skills related to: (1) what it means to be a supervisor, (2) effective communication, (3) creating an ethical, diverse, and welcoming environment, (4) managing staff performance, (5) maximizing employee potential and growth through coaching, (6) building high performance teams, and (7) working with UCAR Operations/Integration.

LEAD uses peer cohorts to enhance group learning and mentoring. Assignments between learning sessions put new ideas and strategies to work in your role as a supervisor. Please review the LEAD participation and program expectations before registering. When LEAD enrollment is opened, you can register on Workday. For registration and other questions, please contact Devon Duncan.

Enrollment Instructions

You can register for most trainings in Workday. To learn more about Coaching for Social Justice offerings, please contact AJ Lauer. Only courses that are currently scheduled and open for enrollment will appear in Workday. If a class is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist. You will be automatically enrolled if space becomes available. Once you have enrolled, please add the program dates, times, and locations to your Google calendar.

Enrollment instructions:

  1. Go to the Workday homepage and under Applications - click on Learning
  2. On the right side of the screen under Learn - click Browse Learning
  3. On the left side of the screen - click Internal
  4. Click on the course you want to enroll in (only scheduled courses will appear)
  5. Click on the orange "enroll" button
  6. Select a date and submit
  7. If you have previously enrolled in the course, you will need to click submit again after the alter that you have already enrolled