Welcome to the diversity, equity and inclusion staff pages

On these pages you'll find information and resources specifically for our employees, including training schedules, information on our Worklplace Culture Survey, and more. For a broad overveiw of our efforts, please visit our diversity and inclusion pages on the UCAR external site

NCAR|UCAR Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At NCAR|UCAR, we must create an environment of full inclusion - a supportive and welcoming workplace that values all individuals and their perspectives, contributions, and ideas in the pursuit of NCAR|UCAR’s mission. In order to achieve our goal of innovative, world-leading science and engineering, we recognize that being inclusive of diversity in our workforce is a fundamental requirement.

Diversity requires the recruitment, development and retention of individuals with different perspectives, experiences, and values. These include but are not limited to the dimensions and intersections of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, neurodiversity, body shape and size, veteran status, religious beliefs, political beliefs, country of origin, discipline, job category, education level, cultural background, and marital and parental status.

At NCAR|UCAR, our goal is to build a diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace environment.