Subpoenas & Legal Notices - Guidance For Staff

What to do if you've been asked for extraordinary information

This guidance explains what to do if you are contacted by a government agency, police officer, attorney or other third party demanding information/records from UCAR (including NCAR and UCP) regarding our employees or business activities.

Contact us immediately

Let us assist you with questions or concerns about any requests for information or documents you may receive:

These requests may come in many forms, including letters, faxes, phone calls and/or formal subpoenas (for records or personal appearance) from an official government agency at the local, state and federal level.  Because of the increasing complexity of state and federal laws governing access to information and the potential privacy rights of individuals whose personal information is being sought, all requests for records should be immediately forwarded to UCAR’s Office of General Counsel. 

If You Receive A Legal Demand for Information or Documentation

Legal demands for information/documentation from UCAR, including any of the following, should be forwarded immediately to the Office of General Counsel for handling:

  • Subpoenas
  • Summonses and Complaints in Lawsuits
  • Requests for Information from any government agency (including the Colorado Civil Rights Division or the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) related to any charge of wrongdoing or discrimination
  • Court Orders
  • Search Warrants
  • IRS Notices of Levy
  • Notices of Filing of Petitions in Bankruptcy
  • Notices of Claim in Class Action Lawsuits

Under any of the following circumstances, please immediately contact the Office of General Counsel (see Section 4 of this guidance for contact information):

  • If you receive a phone call asking where a subpoena or other legal demand can be served;
  • If you are in doubt about whether a document is a legal document or otherwise requires the attention of legal counsel; or
  • If you receive a subpoena (whether hand delivered, sent via mail, facsimile or email) that is addressed to UCAR or its authorized representative or hand delivered to your office and the courier/process server requests a signature (do not sign).

The Office of General Counsel will coordinate the response to all legal demands received by UCAR, regardless of which laboratory or program holds the relevant records. The Office of General Counsel can thus ensure that: (i) the legal demand is valid and enforceable; (ii) the appropriate departments are contacted; (iii) all subpoenaed records are protected and copied; (iv) the appropriate legal response is provided and any personal appearances are made, as and when required by law.

If You Are Contacted by a Police Officer, FBI, Department of Justice, or Other Law Enforcement Official

Before responding to any requests from police officers or other law enforcement officials:

  • If the law enforcement officer is present on site, immediately call UCAR Security Services at 911 and notify them of the law enforcement officer’s presence. UCAR Security Services will assist you in verifying the officer’s credentials.
  • Contact the Office of General Counsel for instructions on responding to the request.  See Section 4 of this guidance for contact information.
  • Ask the officer for his or her identification and if possible make a photocopy of the identification.
  • Keep the original of any documents the officer provides, or make a copy if the officer will not give you the original. Forward the original or copy as directed by legal counsel.

If You Are Contacted by an Attorney from Outside UCAR

As a general rule, all outside attorney requests for information, etc., will be handled by the UCAR Office of General Counsel, and outside attorneys can be directed to contact the Office of General Counsel directly.  Before talking to, or responding to an email or letter from, an attorney from outside UCAR, contact the Office of General Counsel for guidance on whether and how to respond.

Contact Us

In any of the above situations, contact the Office of General Counsel via For all other inquiries, please see About Us.