Privacy at UCAR

***January 28, 2021 Privacy Day Message***

Privacy is a top priority at UCAR. Privacy is a set of fair information practices intended to ensure that the uses of personal information are known, authorized and appropriate and that reasonable and prudent measures are taken to protect and ultimately dispose of that information. UCAR’s Privacy Protection Plan reflects UCAR’s practices, through policies, procedures and training, to protect Personal Information according to state, federal and international law, and applicable contractual obligations.

Recently, Colorado, California and the European Union (EU) have passed broad and far-reaching privacy laws. As a result, we have updated our privacy notices, revised relevant policies and procedures, and created a Toolkit and On-Demand training for our employees. UCAR provides state and international compliant privacy standards, protections and rights to all individuals regardless of where they are located.

At UCAR, Policy 6-2 Employee Personal Records, defines Personal Information (PI) and includes Personal Identifying Information (PII), Employment Records and Personal Contact Data. Every UCAR employee has a responsibility to exercise reasonable and prudent efforts to safeguard the privacy, confidentiality and security of the Personal Information of our current and former employees.

How to Report a Privacy Incident. 
Regardless of whether an incident was intentional or accidental, or results in loss or unauthorized access, promptly report:
(1) actual or suspected vulnerabilities in the security of PII,
(2) suspicious requests for PII, or
(3) actual or suspected inappropriate disclosure of PII to:; or call x4300 or 1 + 307-996-4300 (external line).

Staff Training & Tools

Related Policies and Guidance

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