Rental, Fleet & Personal Vehicle Insurance

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Rental Vehicles

In order for UCAR's insurance coverage to be in effect, UCAR employees, visitors, and other authorized travelers on official UCAR business must rent or lease in UCAR's name using established contracts, corporate account codes, and central billing to UCAR.

When UCAR-supported travelers use rental agreements through UCAR's Preferred Providers program, primary insurance coverage with no deductible is included through the rental contract.

Preferred Providers & Direct Billing

UCAR has negotiated with the following car rental companies as preferred providers for UCAR business travel: Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and National.

The benefits of using contracted car rentals include:

  • Negotiated rates
  • Direct billing to UCAR
  • Recognition of UCAR's tax-free status
  • Online reservations
  • Coordination with UCAR’s contract travel agency
  • Primary insurance coverage for loss, damage, & liability, with no deductible is included

Claims with these preferred providers are handled by the rental car agency, usually without involving personal or other insurance, and with much less administrative effort.

UCAR recommends that employees, visitors, and other authorized travelers use one of these five agencies under the preferred-rate agreement, providing that cars will not be used off the road, on unpaved roads, or on roads that are not regularly maintained.

More information and direct links for using a UCAR preferred provider are available on the UCAR Travel Office website.

When not using one of the five preferred providers, the traveler’s personal insurance is primary and UCAR's Business Auto Policy and Commercial General Liability provide secondary coverage.

When on domestic travel, no additional insurance expense will be reimbursed to the traveler. If additional coverage is purchased by the traveler it is a personal expense that cannot be reimbursed.

Secondary insurance coverage applies after primary insurance is exhausted. UCAR’s business automobile liability insurance provides secondary coverage for bodily injury or property damage to others and includes: any auto, hired and/or non-owned automobiles (rental, leased, GSA, NSF, UCAR-owned, and personally owned vehicles). This coverage is provided for UCAR employees and other authorized drivers while driving on UCAR business. Deductibles may apply and are payable by the relevant lab or program.

Injury to an employee involved in an automobile accident while driving on UCAR business is covered through UCAR’s Workers' Compensation program.

Corporate Account Codes

In order to ensure that cars are rented through UCAR’s preferred provider contracts, travelers must use specific authorization codes for each rental agency. All such rentals are centrally billed to UCAR.

If a UCAR or personal credit card is used for reservations or payment, the benefits of the preferred contract are negated for insurance coverage, rates, and other negotiated benefits.

In order to secure the preferred rate, travelers may also be asked to show a government identification card and/or a copy of their Travel Authorization form at the time of rental. Government identification cards are available from Human Resources.


In case of an accident while on official UCAR business, travelers must immediately report the accident to the police, the rental car agency, their supervisor, UCAR’s Health, Environment & Safety office (HESS), and the UCAR Insurance Office.

In case of serious injury or death, HESS will notify the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Director of Communications.

Copies of all police accident reports must be submitted to the UCAR Insurance Office.

Combining Business & Personal use

If travelers use rental cars for a combination of UCAR business and personal travel, they are responsible for having adequate insurance coverage for the period of personal use (either through personal insurance or through the rental agency). Travelers are reminded, however, that the cost of insurance for personal use of rental vehicles and for business use when traveling in the U.S. is not a reimbursable expense.

International Rentals

For international rentals, additional coverage related to protection of the vehicle and occupants should be accepted and is reimbursable. Personal effects coverage is not reimbursable.

Fleet Vehicles

When driving a U.S. Government–owned vehicle, liability insurance is provided by UCAR's insurance carrier. However, no physical damage to the vehicle is covered. If GSA bills UCAR for any damage, the lab or program to which the vehicle is assigned will be charged for repair costs.

Personal Vehicles

When driving a personal vehicle on UCAR business, the traveler's personal automobile insurance provides primary coverage. UCAR will not pay or reimburse for costs associated with personal insurance deductibles or claims.