Claims - Motor Vehicle & Property Insurance

We handle all claims except Health and Life Insurance Claims (HR) or Workers' Compensation Claims (FMS&S). To learn more about UCAR-accountable physical property, see UCAR Property Office (F&A). For more about vehicle coverage, see Rental, Fleet & Personal Vehicle Insurance.

Filing a Claim

Please report all other claims to us immediately and provide as much detail as possible. Your immediate supervisor should also be notified about the incident as soon as possible.

Contact the Insurance Desk

Relevant detail may include:

  • names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved, including witnesses
  • dates and times
  • injuries and damages
  • police report

Laptop/Desktop Computer Equipment

Coverage is provided for laptop, desktop, and other computer equipment for loss or direct physical damage to the system or one of its components (CPU, printer, battery, carrying case). It is the same coverage provided for all other UCAR business property and is subject to the same terms, conditions, and exclusions.  However, a lower deductible applies to computer equipment for occurrences in the United States.

  • U.S. incident: $500 deductible for each claim. The affected lab or program is responsible for the deductible.
  • Overseas: Overseas incidents fall under UCAR's Inland Marine policy and have a higher deductible.

Claim Forms