Training - Export Compliance

Directors, Principal Investigators and Administrators, having responsibility for projects involving export-controlled material and/or international collaborations, must ensure that employees, and others within their respective areas of responsibility, are properly instructed in the handling of export-controlled items and information. Links to self-paced online training resources can be found below.  Export-awareness and compliance training from the OGC is available to any individual or department, upon request.

Prior to commencing work, export compliance training is mandatory for all scientists, engineers, and software engineers regardless of whether known export controlled items or technical data are involved.  It is the responsibility of the PI, in coordination with Administrators and Export Compliance Coordinators, to ensure that export compliance awareness training has taken place prior to commencing work. Training must be refreshed annually.

Contact your ECC or the OGC for assistance prior to export, if exporting anything other than Fundamental Research. 

Training Schedule 2019

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Export e-Learning Training

  • Log into UCAR's SkillPort
    • Your login is your full UCAR email address
    • Contact HR if you need assistance
  • If export training has been specifically assigned to you, click on 'My Plan' to access the training module in the 'Assigned' folder. Hover over 'UCAR: Introduction to Export Controls' and click on 'Launch' to begin.
  • If export training has not been assigned to you, click on 'Catalog'. 'UCAR: Introduction to Export Controls' will be first on the list. Hover over it and click on 'Launch.'

External Resources

BIS - Bureau of Industry and Security U.S. Department of Commerce

ECTI - Export Compliance Training Institute

SIA - The Society for International Affairs

YouTube - A series of short videos (under 6 minutes each) on export controls created by PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Lab)


Presentation Slides

Fischer & Associates 8-14-2017 (PDF)

Restricted Party Screening using Visual Compliance